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Solving the Mystery Behind the Construction at 951 Folly Rd.

Here's the facts.

951 Folly Rd.
951 Folly Rd.
Blake Young
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

"That was our attempt at humor," says Joe Walker as he gestures to the sign at 951 Folly Rd. stating, "ALMOST OUT OF $ OPENING SOON." Comedic gold or not, the declaration piqued the interest of many culinary-minded commuters on James Island. Eater fielded multiple inquiries about the former Roadside Kitchen space before tracking down the owners. People really wanted to know what was coming to the abandoned eatery.

The team behind the renovation of the address includes Walker, a previous player in the publishing world, and David LeBoutillier, who has had a hand in multiple major restaurant openings around the Lowcountry — to name a few: McCrady's, 39 Rue de Jean, and Poe's Tavern.

Walker and LeBoutillier took over the structure in November. The establishment sat empty for over two years and needed a good amount of work. They are currently hand-crafting new bars, dining room furniture, and outdoor patios. When finished, the space will be able to hold 175-200 guests.

The restaurant will serve dinner and weekend brunch. Walker and LeBoutillier are currently searching for the correct chef to bring their concept to fruition, so they are reluctant to put a designation on the cuisine at this time. They have an idea, but don't want to attach any misnomers before a menu release.

Walker tells us he sees huge potential in James Island dining scene and is excited to bring the new restaurant into operation.

Once they have a name, menu, chef, or opening date, you'll be the first to know.

[One of the dining rooms at 951 Folly Rd.]