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Where to Eat at Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park, Home of the Charleston RiverDogs

Go RiverDogs!

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

Lowcountry-based minor baseball league, Charleston RiverDogs, started their season with a home opener on April 9, and there's plenty of summer left to catch a game. Though to many fans, baseball in the Holy City means boiled peanuts and cheap beer, the Dogs are bringing a lot more options this year. Food and beverage director at Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park (The Joe), John Schumacher, keeps the offerings fun and is always looking for new ways to entertain. Keep an eye out for brand-new smoked brisket ramen, a "Southern Kimchi Dog," and more boozy milkshakes for the adults.

All Star Menu Items at The Joe

riverdawg.0.jpg The RiverDog: The RiverDogs' most popular meat in bun item is their signature, eponymous hot dog. It's an all-beef dog topped with cole slaw, mustard BBQ sauce, and pickled okra. This item is located at the Dog House and Dog World concession stands.

bramen.0.jpg Brisket Ramen Bowl: House-smoked meat are served atop noodles sautéed in an teriyaki glaze and sprinkled with snow peas, carrots, and green onions — don't forget the egg. The Asian-influenced dish can be found at Smokin' Joes in the Beer Garden.

beershake.0.jpg Beer Shakes: Introduced in 2013, these boozy beverages quickly became one of The Joe's best-selling items. It's a milkshake minus the milk and with the addition of a specialty beer, flavored syrups and ice cream. Check the Pie House for flavors, like the new Shock Top Creamsicle Shake.

pretzelball.0.jpg A Knot to Remember: A 2015 addition to The Joe, this punny pretzel is 24 ounces of carbs and salt. The giant creation comes in a pizza box with marinara, nacho cheese sauce, and melted garlic butter. Share with friends — or don't and slip into a blissful, doughy nap in the last inning. 

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Other Stadium Highlights

At The Joe, there is one general concourse area where all the food locations are open to the public. There are private picnic areas, with menus for large group outings, located on the third level. The fancy Suites (Sky Boxes) are located on the fourth level.

Smoking Joe's: What's a better combination than barbecue and baseball? Smoking Joe's brought in a brand new commercial smoker last year and is now located in the Beer Garden. The menu will include brisket and smoked turkey wings.

Sangria Wine Garden: Sometimes you don't feel like a beer and this year, Sangria Wine Garden can accommodate those looking for a rosé. The outlet will feature house-made sangrias and wines by the glass. For something stronger, the Firefly Tiki Hut is located next door and offers signature Firefly Cocktails, like a peach moonshine mojito.

The Palmetto Beer Garden Located across from the Souvenir Shop, this beer garden offers multiple drafts with plenty of locally-made options from Palmetto Brewing.

Scoops Concession Stand: The first concession stand on the right side of the concourse includes menu items for ball aficionados with a sweet tooth. At Scoops, patrons will find hand-dipped ice cream, milkshakes, candy, and the stadium's kid's meal (peanut butter and jelly, applesauce, and a Capri Sun).

Boiled Peanut Stand: Boiled peanuts and baseball are a Lowcountry tradition. Located to the left of the Scoops Concession Stand, this spot offers boiled and roasted peanuts.

Pie House Concession Stand: Get your slices of pizza at this location across from the Boiled Peanut Stand. Also, look here for the beer shakes and spiked beer shakes (beer shakes with a shot of booze). Flavors include a Guinness Kahlua Shake or the Shock Top Creamsicle Shake.

Sausage World: The finest tube meat around, this specialty portable stand offers alligator sausage, bratwurst, and a chicken and apple option. Located on the left side of the concourse, down from the Boiled Peanut Stand.

Wacko Taco Concession Stand: Just past Sausage World, patrons will find Wacko Taco. This stand offers tacos of every variety: brisket, barbecue, veggie, and chipotle chicken.There's also a Lowcountry Taco with pulled pork, collard greens, and mac n’ cheese topped with barbeque sauce.

Dog House Concession Stand: Find all the classic ballpark foods at this stop located across from the Wacko Taco concession stand. They offer hot dogs, burgers, fries, fried chicken sandwiches, the RiverDog, the Bull Dog (chili and cheese dog), peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and more.

RiverDogs’ State Fair: Seek out this spot if you're hankering for funnel cakes, fried Oreos or popcorn. The stand was updated this year to include chocolate-covered pepper bacon and deep-fried cheesecake on a stick.

Dog World Concession Stand: At the end of the concourse, on the Marsh side of the stadium, is Dog World. The specialty hot dog stand and healthy menu item location includes all the stadium specific meat treats, like the RiverDog, the Yankee Dog, the Homewrecker, a pimento cheese option, the Pickle Dog and a 2015 release, the Southern Kimchi Dog (hot dog topped with collard greens, kimchi and peppers tossed in soy sauce and a sesame seed oil sauce).

And if you insist on eating healthy, items include a Mediterranean herb-spiced turkey burger and a Summer Harvest Salad, big enough to feed two adults.

Joseph P Riley Jr Park

360 Fishburne St, Charleston, SC 29403 (843) 723-7241