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Bourdain, Murray, McBride, and Brock Go Out for Baseball

And the internet explodes.

The holy trio of Bill, Bourdain, and Brock.
The holy trio of Bill, Bourdain, and Brock.
Matt Perry
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Husk/McCrady's chef Sean Brock, television host Anthony Bourdain, comedian Danny McBride, and needs-no-introduction Bill Murray attempted to break the internet with a major hang out yesterday. The group made an appearance at the Charleston RiverDogs baseball game last night, before Murray and Bourdain stopped by Husk for dinner.

Bourdain is currently filming in the Lowcountry and popping up everywhere, so it's no wonder he'd want to check out the baseball stadium with Murray, McBride, and Brock in tow. Murray is part owner of the Charleston Riverdogs, McBride wrote and starred in HBO series about a washed-up baseball player Eastbound & Down filmed in South Carolina, and Brock has been by Bourdain's side throughout his visit.

Spot the super group around town? Let us know.

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