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The Lee Bros. Announce Live Cooking Hour and Television Travel Show

A whole lotta Lees coming your way.

The Boiled Peatnut Hour/The Lee Bros. New Network
The Boiled Peatnut Hour/The Lee Bros. New Network
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Last Thursday, Charleston cookbook authors Matt and Ted Lee teased Twitter followers that there would be a big announcement on Friday, April 17. Fans eagerly awaited the word of a new book or restaurant, and on Friday they learned The Lee Bros. were pairing up with Louisville-based chef Edward Lee for a live cooking demo "with bourbon-swilling, storytelling, trash-talking, and a kickass after-party." The Boiled Peanut Hour will take place at 6:30p.m. on June 19 and June 20 at the Bingham Theater in Louisville.

While a live show with three Southern chefs is enough to make fans happy, the bigger news came this morning that Matt and Ted would host their own television series on the Ovation network. It seems a preview of their show, Southern Uncovered, slipped onto YouTube but was promptly removed. The full announcement from Ovation comes on Thursday, but, for a short description, Post and Courier says that "Each 22-minute episode is devoted to a different Southern city, starting with Charleston. Atlanta, Dallas, Louisville, New Orleans and Asheville are slated to follow." City Paper spotted the Lee Bros. filming this past summer, so it wasn't a complete secret what the two were up to.

Stay tuned for more details.