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Andrew Cebulka/CHS W+FF
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Sure, you're here for the BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival, but you'll probably want to sneak in a few extra meals or libations before leaving the Lowcountry. Here's an easy overview of some of the best spots for every occasion that may arise this week.

  • Checking off your Charleston essentials? Try one of the restaurants on the Eater 18.
  • What's opened since the last Festival? Peruse the Charleston Heatmap.
  • Need a strong coffee to keep you going? Here's 10 top shops in the area.
  • Want to sneak a quick Martini before the after party? Search the hottest cocktail bars.
  • Hiding from the crowds? Dip into a local dive bar.
  • Drank too much last night? Grab a hearty breakfast sandwich.
  • Looking for a killer brunch? Here's 22 of them.

Good luck out there, and remember, you can always tweet at us with last-minute questions.