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Barony Tavern Will Be the Sort of Place Where Deer Can Sip Merlot

A peek at the forthcoming restaurant's "signature piece of art."

Signature painting and logo from Barony Tavern.
Signature painting and logo from Barony Tavern.
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Deer_Painting_SMRender.0.jpg It's not a menu, nor is it a tour of the interiors, but Eater has the exclusive first look at soon-to-open Barony Tavern's focal painting from artist Kevin LePrince. Seen here, the piece depicts a very dapper deer sipping on what can only be imagined as a fine red wine. This horned gentleman fits in with antler logo and stag signage for the restaurant.

Eater has reached out to the artist for comment on his inspiration. Other questions: 1) What varietal is he sipping? 2) Is his coat a nod to Confederate gray uniforms? 3) Why are his eyes so knowing? 4) Would chef Bob Carter serve this guy with a side of spring leeks? 5) Can we call him Briga"deer" General Buckner?

Barony Tavern, located at 68 Wentworth St., is projected to open this month.