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Forthcoming Barony Tavern Boasts 'Unbashful Richness'

The latest from chef Bob Carter.

Site of Barony Tavern.
Site of Barony Tavern.
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

According to the original timeline, Bob Carter project Barony Tavern is supposed to open in five days. The restaurant is housed in the Renaissance Charleston Historic District Hotel, and while there's not much new info on the establishment, mentions of the former Wentworth Grill are wiped from the site and the following announcement for Barony Tavern exists:

Charleston’s celebrity chef Bob Carter will unveil Barony Tavern this March. The American fare restaurant and bar and will feature hearty, simply prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes boasting big flavor and unbashful richness.

So, it looks like the opening date is pushed back to March, and patrons can expect "big flavor" and "unbashful richness."

Wentworth Grill

, Charleston, SC 29401 (843) 534-9054