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Chef Robert Stehling's New Restaurant Ups the Deep-Fried Ante with Doughnuts

Forget chicken and waffles, this is chicken and doughnuts.

Upcoming site of multiple fried food cravings.
Upcoming site of multiple fried food cravings.
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Sad news for fans of the impending Chickenland opening: while the building is coming along fine, the restaurant is currently nameless. City Paper explains the whole trademark debacle leaving the establishment pecking for a new moniker. Chef Robert Stehling and business partner Dave Uecke may not have a title for their Wagener Terrace joint, but they did let us in on an imminent menu item. In addition to fried chicken and biscuits, the restaurant will feature doughnuts. Yes, deep-fried bits of sweet, sweet carbohydrates.

The menu will offer glazed, iced, and stuffed versions. Stehling says they remind him of the "big jelly donuts that he used to get when he lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn." Uecke compares them to "toothsome Krispy Kremes."

Prepare for mass consumption of fried goods at 1011 King St. this April.