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Renowned North Carolina Pitmaster Ed Mitchell Closes Que Restaurant

Space issues result in shutter.

Ed Mitchell
Ed Mitchell
National Geographic
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Barbecue king Ed Mitchell is once again a "pitmaster without a pit." Raleigh-based News & Observer reports Mitchell shuttered his Durham restaurant Que because of issues related to the small space in the American Tobacco Campus. The 150-seat establishment had the ability to smoke only one whole hog a day. Considering Mitchell is know for his pork, a single pig wasn't sufficient for demand. For reference, South Carolina pitmaster Rodney Scott can sell 15 to 20 hogs in a three day period.

Mitchell seems to have a pattern of losing restaurant spaces, but always finds a new home for his smoke meat mastery. In 2005, he closed his Wilson, NC barbecue joint Mitchell’s Ribs, Bar-B-Q & Chicken. Mitchell found partners in 2007 to open The Pit in Raleigh. He left that venture in 2011 and opened Que in May 2014. According to News & Observer, Mitchell states he is looking for a bigger space to accommodate a larger volume of whole hog production for the dining room and catering.

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