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Lower King Favorite Il Cortile Empties Interiors [Updated]

Goodbye long nights on the patio.

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Italian restaurant Il Cortile Del Re served Lower King for 18 years, but made a hasty exit this weekend as they have locked their doors. Valentine's Day balloons still decorate the interior, but all the tables and chairs are gone.

There is no sign to explain the restaurant's absence, but a phone call to Il Cortile revealed a voicemail stating, "Thank you for calling Il Cortile Del Re. We are currently closed for good. Sorry for the inconvenience. Anybody that has reservations, that has not been called, again we apologize. Thank you very much for your past business. We hope you have a wonderful 2015. Grazie."

A few months ago, a Board of Zoning Appeals sign appeared on the restaurant's window, and Eater inquired if they were leaving or making changes. The owners did not respond, but we've reached out again this time to see who may fill the Italian icon's space.

[Update: owner Kim Green responded to our inquires with an email stating, "I am happily retired and that is all there is to say."]

Ill Cortile del Re

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