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Prix Fixe is Out at McCrady's

More choices at different prices.

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

For the past several years, fine dining beacon McCrady's offered a four-course menu for $65(ish), along with an a la carte option. Last May, they did away with the individual items and went straight prix fixe. Now, Post and Courier reports they've flipped it and brought back a straight a la carte menu with a choice of a chef's tasting menu for $115.

When McCrady's went prix fixe it was said the kitchen wanted to "focus its energies on high-level execution." Now, with the a la carte choices, the focus is on accommodating the different styles of guests — perhaps they don't want multiple courses or maybe the $65 entry fee was prohibitive.

What's this mean for the diner? It means you can sample chef de cuisine Daniel Heinze's creations at whatever price level you feel most comfortable, from a $10 salad to a $115 testing menu.

Below are the current offerings:


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