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Friends of Eater on Restaurant Standbys of 2015

Closing out 2015.

Edmund's Oast
Edmund's Oast
Rebecca Gallagher
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

In keeping with Eater tradition, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types and bloggers. To kick it off in Charleston, Eater asked the group eight questions, ranging from the restaurants they frequent most to the biggest surprises of the year. Responses are in no particular order, and readers are encouraged to leave answers in the comments.

Q. What were your top restaurant standbys of 2015?

Hanna RaskinFood writer and critic for the Post & Courier and author of Yelp Help: How to Write Great Online Restaurant Reviews:
One of my favorite parts of my job is connecting readers with restaurants worthy of their regular rotations, but if I'm eating at the same place again, I'm probably doing it wrong. Still, I'll make an exception when I'm at the office very late on Friday nights for a bowl of Bolognese at Lana. In the lunch category, I'm always excited when an out-of-office interview positions me for a visit to Pink Bellies or Addielee's (especially on oxtail Thursdays.) And not sure if it counts as a restaurant, but it definitely counts as a standby: A Sunday morning run over the bridge is way more fun when it winds up at a brunch screening at Cinebarre.

Peg Moore, contributor and food critic for The Mercury:
Muse and Hominy Grill

Marion SullivanCulinary Institute of Charleston, food editor Charleston Magazine, columnist Post & Courier:
Don’t want to sound like a broken record, but still loving The Grocery, Leon’s, Lana, and Minero. I have branched out to include The Obstinate Daughter and the drive-thru at Chick’s Fry House in my favorites list.

Brian Wildereditor The Rakish Perspective and contributor to Eater Charleston:
Edmund's Oast, as usual. Can never deny consistency, and they maintain it to the Nth degree.

Emma HumphriesInstagram superstar and photographer for Eater Charleston
Callie's Hot Little Biscuit, Xiao Bao Biscuit, Fuel, Persimmon Cafe

Timmons Pettigrewauthor of Charleston Beer and contributor to Eater Charleston:

With a new infant roommate, we have to keep it simple. Our first meal out with our son, our second date night away from our son, and basically my wife's entire pregnancy was fueled by The Glass Onion. I think our kid has tiny Fried Green Tomato Po Boys in his DNA.

Erin Perkinseditor Eater Charleston:
The bartenders at Minero always asks if I'm starting with an El Santanico (so addictive), which, I suppose, means I frequent the Sean Brock taco spot often. I also like a long lunch at the counter of Artisan Meat Share — watching the crew work is part of the fun.

Robert Donovan, photographer and contributor to Eater Charleston
Edmund's Oast, Xiao Bao Biscuit, Artisan Meat Share, Butcher & Bee, Home Team BBQ

Kinsey Gidick, managing editor for the Charleston City Paper:
With the addition of a baby to the family, my dining choices have evolved. Family friendly has suddenly become essential which is likely why my husband and I found ourselves at Home Team BBQ (both Sullivan's and West Ashley) nearly every weekend this summer. A Game Changer really takes the edge off of a sleepless night.I was also a Saint Alban regular until it vanished. Or maybe it never existed. Hard to say. Did I mention I was sleep deprived this year?

Hayley Phillips, assistant editor for The Local Palate:
I always love Two Boroughs Larder, and O-Ku’s half off sushi night special is a weekly thing for me. I also drop in for lunch for a Shrimp Po’Boy and a side of succotash at The Rarebit more often than I’d like to admit.