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Mission Chinese Chef Danny Bowien Throws a Party With Sean Brock

Mark those calendars for December 12.

Daniel Krieger
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

San Francisco/New York chef Danny Bowien heads to Charleston on December 12 for a book release party with our very own Sean Brock. For those not familiar with Bowien, or his restaurants, Mission Cantina and Mission Chinese Food, read this quick intro from Eater Senior Reports Editor, Hillary Dixler:

Danny Bowien is the chef at the helm of a bi-coastal sensation. Mission Chinese Food has come to be synonymous with unexpected whimsy, with fiery hot chicken wings, and with reinvention. Ryan Sutton called the New York City location "an absolutely thrilling place to eat" and the restaurant has earned a place in the Eater NY 38.

Not enough? Read what Anthony Bourdain has to say:

On any given night, Mission Chinese in its original iteration, a crummy, half-assed tenement building on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, would be clogged with pleasure-seekers—many of them chefs—greedily scarfing up everything on the menu. It was a hallowed ground, with crowds spilling out into the street, forming a line of the food-obsessed who would cheerfully wait for hours. Food writers would be stacked in holding, like planes circling over O'Hare in bad weather. At every table, drunk, happy people Instagrammed their food between bites. Meanwhile, Danny Bowien, improbable King of New York, improbable host, toastmaster general, and Korean American kid from Oklahoma City, popped in and out of the kitchen, dropping teapots of mai tais (as I remember dimly, anyway) and one plate after another of sizzling, searingly delicious food in front of his deliriously happy guests.

And if all those kind words can't convince you, then know that the December 12 book release party will include signed copies of Mission Chinese Food Cookbook, a Chinese(ish) Lowcountry boil, and fried chicken from Bowien and Brock. Tickets are $55, which includes the book but not booze. The evening starts at 6:00 p.m. at The Royal American.

The Royal American

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