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Dan Latimer Exits Neighborhood Dining Group to Pursue New Projects

And there's a new Director of Hospitality and Performance for the restaurant group.

Dan Latimer at Husk
Dan Latimer at Husk
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Hospitality professional Dan Latimer worked his way up from manager at Husk to the Director of Operations for Charleston in the Neighborhood Dining Group (proprietors of Husk/McCrady's/Minero). After five years with the organization, his new role, which put him in front a computer more than in dining rooms, made him feel disconnected from the guests and the teams. "I have the utmost respect for David Howard [NDG President] and Sean [Brock] and everybody that works with them," says Latimer, "but I felt like I was doing a disservice to all the people who worked so hard. I felt myself becoming less engaged." When he started thinking about other opportunities, he spoke with NDG, and they all agreed Latimer should pursue other outlets for his talents.

While Latimer has dreams of one day running his own restaurant, he realized that he actually enjoys the opening process. "It's really, really tough, but I also enjoy sleeping for a few days after that," states Latimer, "I want to share all of my experiences with people getting into the business or looking to expand." He's currently in the process of setting up a business to offer consulting services. "Everyone talks about hospitality and service, but a lot of people have no idea what that means. It is teachable, but it has to be there first. I think there's a really good opportunity across the country for us to be able to identify what that is."

After Latimer's departure, NDG has made changes in the organization. General Manager of Husk Nashville, Kenny Lyons, has been promoted to Director of Hospitality and Performance for the group. President of NDG David Howard tells us, "The new Director of Hospitality and Performance role is an expanded position for NDG that accounts for the company’s growth beyond Charleston. [Lyons] will oversee hospitality and performance in all three states where NDG operates — Charleston, Nashville, and Atlanta. [Latimer’s] former role was specific to Charleston. Also, NDG recently hired a Director of Human Resources, Jim Wahlstrom, to oversee and manage the company’s ever growing infrastructure."


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