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Taco Wars, Fund a Ramen Restaurant, and a Predator & Prey Dinner

Happenings and events around Charleston.


EVENTWIRE — Taco Kick Society and Lunazul Tequila are heading into the finals of "Taco Tequila Kombat" with a second semifinal round on Monday, November 9. Starting at 9 p.m. at steakhouse Burwell's Stonefire Grill, attendees will have a chance to sample taco creations from the kitchens of Americano and Prohibition. For $20, guests get an evening of food, tequila, and the opportunity to pick a winner. Tickets are available at the door. [Facebook]

GOFUNDME — Chef Jeffrey Stoneberger needs your help to achieve his dream of opening a ramen restaurant in Charleston. He started a Go Fund Me page to help with the costs of opening a new eatery. To assist in bringing affordable noodles to the masses, Stoneberger is seeking $10,000 for a deposit on a space, branding, and a website. If successful, he hopes to bring a whole new dining experience to the Charleston scene. [Go Fund Me]

DINNERWIRE — On Thursday, November 5, Fish Restaurant will host a Predator & Prey dinner with chef Nico Romo and chef William Dissen of The Market Place in Asheville. Through the courses, the plates take guests through the food chain, starting with a wreckfish bones and kimchi consommé and moving up into a venison loin. THe evening starts at 6:00 p.m. and the tickets are $65. [EaterWire]

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