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Seed Sets Sights on Spring 2016 Opening on St. Philip Street

Website updates and a pop-up event.

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

A little over a year ago, siblings Jill Schenzel and Macready Downer announced their intention to renovate an abandoned property at 223 St. Philip St. into their dream restaurant named Seed. They told the City Paper that the concept would be an intimate counter service restaurant to highlight Downer's cooking. At the time of the article, they were awaiting approval on changes to the building.

Now, Seed is moving forward with an increase in its online presence and a impending pop-up. The restaurant's Facebook page announces that the first public taste of Seed will be at The Cocktail Club on December 8, at $25 a guest. It states the event has "been a long time coming ..."

In addition to the pop-up, Seed has also updated its website with the following description of the forthcoming eatery:

We are two siblings passionate about food. Inspired by neighborhood restaurants in Barcelona – where eating is an interactive collaboration between diner and chef – Seed will be a spot where the food, the guest, the cook, the cocktail and the company all share equal parts in a collaborative connection.

Seed is not just about making great food, but about providing an experience, the whole package. We want our guests to feel excited when they walk through the door, alive while they enjoy their meal, and happy when they leave.

Watching the art of cooking is like theater and it will change the way you think about food.

Seed hopes to open next spring. Look out for more details as they come.