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Parlor Deluxe is 'Tubular Meat Version of Epcot'; 'Hit or Miss' at Élevé

What the critics are saying this week.

Parlor Deluxe
Parlor Deluxe
Emma Humphries
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

"I had fun every time I ate at Parlor Deluxe," explains Charleston Scene critic Hanna Raskin. She states this after reasoning, that while the fancy soda shop does not bake its own bread or make its own weiners, that "[s]ometimes smart sourcing beats scratch made, especially when it comes topped with mustard and pickles." She desribes the St. Philip Street store as the "tubular meat version of Epcot" because of the wide range of hot dog flavors offered on chef Emily Hahn's menu. Raskin samples a wide selection and here's her thoughts:

  • Freaks & Greeks is the "prettiest dog on the menu, it balances flavors and textures with Philippe Petit precision."
  • Tropic Hunger "serves up a cacophony of flavors that don’t come together."
  • "L’il Kimchi works beautifully."
  • The Wrigley "is just plain triumphant."

Located inside the Grand Bohemian Hotel, Élevé must accommodate a number of meals to keep guests satisfied. City Paper writer Vanessa Wolf visits the new American restaurant for dinner and brunch. She describes the crab cake as " dense, rich, and divine," the rainbow trout meunière as "where it's at," but the ribeye comes up "lackluster and flabby." The brunch buffet is "puzzling," for example, the "new age bagel bar" leaves Wolf wishing for an actual bagel, instead of a deconstructed version. The scallop ceviche wins her over though. The lesson from Wolf's review seems to be that if guests stick to seafood, the visit should move along swimmingly.

Parlor Deluxe

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Grand Bohemian Charleston

55 Wentworth, Charleston, SC (843) 722-5711