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Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

While it's not slated to open until late 2016, Butcher & Bee's inclusion in the forthcoming Pacific Box & Crate project has created plenty of buzz. Here are the important facts to know.

1. Pacific Box & Crate will be located at 1505 King St. An abandoned warehouse sits on the property now, but the plans for renovation from architecture firm LS3P are impressive. The space will house software company Boomtown, a yoga studio, and a massive food court spearheaded by Butcher & Bee owner Michael Shemtov and Jonathan Ory, who recently left Chicago to return to Charleston.

2. Ory shuttered Bad Wolf Coffee in Chicago to relocate the shop to Pacific Box & Crate. Bad Wolf was revered for its Four Barrel Coffee and Ory's kouign amann (it's like a croissant, but with more addictive sugar).

3. Post & Courier confirmed that Chicago-based Fat Rice will be a tenant in the food court. According to Eater Chicago, Fat Rice "features cuisine inspired by the travails of colonial Portuguese throughout Southeast Asia over the last 500 years. That means curries, noodles and wood-grilled meats."

4. Popular food truck Short Grain might be a tenant. Co-owner Corrie Wachob tells City Paper that they are considering it.

5. Vendors will cycle in and out of the court and there will be room for six concepts. Shemtov explains to City Paper that chefs can choose shorter leases in the stalls to test the waters and name drops The Ordinary chef Mike Lata as a dream candidate for the food court.