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Upcoming Harold's Cabin Announces Chef and Farmer

Meet chef Justin Moore and horticulturist Leslie Wade.

Moore and Wade
Moore and Wade
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Charleston has anticipated the opening of Westside grocery and restaurant Harold's Cabin since the first word of the project hit in early 2014. The establishment at the corner of President and Congress Streets predicts a late 2015 opening and with that deadline looming, we finally learn who will head the kitchen at the fresh market cafe, with full-service breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Chef Justin Moore, previously of former institution Carolina's, will lead the "vegetable driven menus featur[ing] regional seafood and game," as well as creating the snowballs that were popular at the original Harold's Cabin.

Leslie Wade, currently the community garden coordinator for the Charleston Parks Conservancy, will supervise the rooftop garden and work with Moore to provide produce for the menus.

Harold's Cabin is located at 247 Congress St.