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Find 'Delicious Foodie Buzz Words' on the Menu at Shem Creek's Tavern & Table

City Paper critic Allston McCrady visits the Mount Pleasant newcomer.

Rebecca Gallagher
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Give writer Allston McCrady "housemade charcuterie, house-pickled veggies, and handcrafted whole grain mustards," in a picturesque Shem Creek setting, and she's one happy critic. Mount Pleasant eatery Tavern & Table opened less than a month ago, but McCrady is already satisfied with the level of "foodie buzz" sophistication on the menu — though she does have some qualms with the disjointed service.

McCrady and her son "devour" most everything they sample, and the critic ends her thoughts with, "I suspect that when spring eases into summer, the restaurant will truly hit its stride."

Tavern & Table

100 Church Street, , SC 29464 (843) 352-9510 Visit Website