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Still Mourning the Loss of Andolini's Pizza Parlor

R.I.P. Pepperoni Slices

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Twenty years is a mighty fine lifespan for a pizza parlor, but it still stung when Andolini's announced their 2013 shutter. Honestly, the slices weren't award-winning, but they were cheap and pints were cold. Plus, the place had charisma, with all its eclectic art, leather booths, and punk music playing at lunch. Andolini's fed a lot of college kids since 1992, which is why it is forever cemented in so many Gen X and Millennials' minds.

Following are some of our favorite comments from the closing story:

"I went to C of C when it opened and, at that time, it was a revelation. 2 slices cheese and a water, and the Upwith Herald to read."

"I felt my first titty in the back booth there! SMH."

"So sad! Will miss Andolini’s. I remember meeting actor Robert Davi (The Goonies) there when I was a senior at BE (downtown campus)"

"What the? Campuses need these institutions of quality awesomeness."

"I started going to Andolini’s 22 years ago visiting Charleston. Started a family and every visit is a trip to Andolini’s (downtown) . My daughter now attends C of C, and we bought a house within walking distance to it. How sad this is. No doubt her student food card is full of Andolini’s expenses. I guess not for much longer."