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Critic Deidre Schipani Misses the Vegetables at Vegan Eatery Motobar

Two stars for food at the motorcycle bar.

Chloe Gilstrap
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

Much like critic Eric Doksa before her, writer Deidre Schipani all but exclaims "Where's the vegetables?" in her review of King Street vegan restaurant Motobar. When Schipani isn't keen on a place, she has a subtle way of conveying disappointment, such as discussing the decor for more than half the review. This happens to the cycle-themed interiors at Motobar. For Schipani, the place is a bit of a puzzle:

I have always found it a bit of a conundrum that a vegan or vegetarian would abstain from eating meat but then look for "faux" meat products on the menu at meat-free establishments: Coconut bacon? Fake meat pepperoni? Naked Cutlets? Chik’n Tenders? Why so many "impersonators" if one is not a meat-eater?

She longs for "vegetable ragouts, global fritters, stews, vegetable pastas and grain dishes on the menu." Though, she does compliment the restaurant on the freshness of sprouts and greens.

Both reviews for Motobar, from City Paper and Charleston Scene, focus on pondering the eatery's use of soy "meat" products and longing for more vegetables. However, the critics aren't full-time vegans, so let's hear it from the plant eaters: Do you like to see faux meats on a menu? Is it a welcome change from all the roughage you're usually forced to eat in restaurants? Or do you also think ingredients from the ground should be given the highest regard instead of "fauxrizo"?


487 King St, Charleston, SC 29403 (843) 805-5050