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Writers and Editors Predict Restaurant Headlines for 2015

In keeping with Eater tradition, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types and bloggers. To kick it off in Charleston, Eater asked the group eight questions, ranging from the restaurants they frequent most to the biggest surprises of the year. Responses are in no particular order, and readers are encouraged to leave answers in the comments.

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Q. What are your headline predictions for 2015?

Timmons Pettigrew, author of Charleston Beer and contributor to Eater Charleston:
People Line Up in Downpour for La Barbecue
Charleston Passes the Ten Brewery Mark
People Line Up in Record Temps for La Barbecue

Erin Perkins, editor Eater Charleston:
[Insert Name of Hotel] Hires [Insert Bold Name Chef] Repeat several times.
Due to the Midnight Bar Ordinance, Ancient Liquor Licenses Create Bidding War
No New Cocktail Bars Planned to Open in Downtown Charleston in 2015

Hanna Raskin, Food writer and critic for the Post & Courier and author of Yelp Help: How to Write Great Online Restaurant Reviews:
NYC chef shortage intensifies as every qualified cook moves to Charleston

Brian Wilder, editor The Rakish Perspective and contributor to Eater Charleston:
Asian Invasion: Record Number of Asian-Inspired Restaurants Open In the Holy City
SC Barbeque Makes a Comeback...Sort Of

Marion Sullivan, Culinary Institute of Charleston, food editor Charleston Magazine, columnist Post & Courier:
5 restaurants close
5 restaurants open