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Fans of Newly Opened Saint Alban Average 33 Instagram Posts a Day

Valencia or X-Pro II?

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Remember when quaint European eatery Chez Nous unlocked their doors, and everyone went Instagram crazy with the perfect lighting and pink-hued wines? Well, that's nothing compared to the ardent filter fever of guests visiting all-day cafe Saint Alban. At last count, social media mavens tagged or hashtagged the stylish stopover in 231 posts over the last seven days — that's an average of 33 photographs a day since the restaurant opened at 710 King St.

Not impressed? We're guessing there's tons more posts of foamy cappuccinos and crusty baguettes from Saint Alban that weren't tagged and would easily bump up those numbers.

Saint Alban

, Charleston, SC (843) 531-6868