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The Hot Sauces Are Ready For Use at Minero

Confirmation of carnitas.

Hints at a menu at Minero?
Hints at a menu at Minero?
Erin Perkins
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Sort of like a taco consuming mise-en-place, bottles of Mexican hot sauces are ready for use on menu items at chef Sean Brock's forthcoming Minero. The space was full of guests on Saturday for a private event, and a sign on the door promised the Mexican-influenced eatery would soon be open.

The bar is stocked with liquor, and there's a frozen drink machine ready and willing. It shouldn't be too long now before the public gets a taste of Brock's south of the border fare.

The interior wall mirror is presumably scribbled with menu items: carne al carbon, carnitas, escabeche, tortas, burritos, queso fundido, fresh masa chilaquiles, arroz ora, chicharones, margaritas, and mezcal. The Neighborhood Dining Group has not released an official listing of offerings, but these are good hints on how future orders will look. Continue to check Eater for word of an opening date or menu.