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First Peek at the Minero Construction Progress

Upcoming home of tortillas and tomatillos.

Progress at Minero
Progress at Minero
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Future taco worship hall Minero stripped their windows bare so that anyone walking by may catch a glimpse of the progress inside. Those peeking through the glass at 155 East Bay St. will see an almost-polished interior full of light wood, mirrors, and what appears to be vintage church pews or school benches. Airy and casual, it's a very different scene than the rich mahogany look of adjoining restaurant McCrady's (both are part of The Neighboorhood Dining Group).

The minds behind Minero have not yet released a menu or opening date, but if you stalk chef Sean Brock's Instagram enough, it's evident that Mexican-influenced infatuations will soon be upon the Holy City.