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A Meager 1.5 Stars For Newcomer Union Provisions

At least the critic said the building looked nice.

Union Provisions
Union Provisions
Evan Eggers
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

King Street newcomer Union Provisions is off to a wobbly start. First, they lost their opening chef, Shane Whiddon, within six weeks of opening and now they are sitting on an unflattering review from critic Hanna Raskin.

The write-up is full of unfavorable adjectives, like "clumsy," "tough," "slimy," and "rancid." Her most condemnatory declaration comes at the beginning of the review, stating:

The uncomfortably high prices are all that keep the food from being forgettable at Union Provisions, a restaurant inadvertently proving how much of the city's raging culinary success is owed to talent and a genuine appreciation for the region's bounty. These days, having the right address and a grasp of great design isn't enough to impress.

There is hope for redemption, however, as Raskin recently tweeted that the restaurant is putting forth a different format and menu with their new chef Chari Skinner.

Union Provisions

513 King Street, Charleston, SC