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Neighbors Confirm Mexican Restaurant on Upper King

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Back in April, a tipster told Eater that the former Taylor's Pawn Shop space on King Street would be revamped into the "great Mexican restaurant" mentioned on Charleston-based reality show Southern Charm. Now that construction is in full force at 565 King St., several area residents say they have chatted with the owner, and it is indeed going to be a high-end Mexican cuisine eatery—complete with an extensive tequila bar.

Executive producer of Southern Charm, Bryan Kestner, has restaurant experience, as the mind behind the popular 90s chain of Planet Hollywood establishments. It is assumed that Kestner is the proprietor of the new project, but at this time, Eater has not received a confirmation.
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565 King St., Charleston, SC

565 King St., Charleston, SC