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Critic Moss Finds 'Focused Simplicity' at Chez Nous

City Paper critic Robert Moss is delighted with the enthralling loveliness of quaint destination Chez Nous. Moss starts his review by comparing the handwritten menu to the ethos of the restaurant: "It's small, it's simple, and it does things in its own eccentric but charming way."

Moss and his dining companion order all of the evening's offerings (with two appetizers, two entrees, and two desserts, it's easy to do) and relish in each one. He declares the theme in chefs Jill Mathias and Juan Cassalett's cooking to be "simple but intense flavors."

The critic concludes with a poetic note of endearment:

"Amid a food scene that seems increasingly in love with the big, the bold, and the loud — fried chicken, spicy kimchi, dizzying arrays of high-gravity beer — Chez Nous is marching to the sound of its own tiny, quiet drummer. And I think that's just delightful."
He's smitten.
· Chez Nous might be tiny, but the plates deliver big flavor [CP]

Chez Nous

6 Payne Court, , SC 29403 (843) 579-3060 Visit Website

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