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Are These Chef Sean Brock's Minero Tacos? [Updated]

Screenshots: Minero
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

The Neighborhood Dining Group hasn't released a menu for forthcoming Minero, so fans of chef Sean Brock have been left to wonder what exactly fare "inspired by the food and culture of Mexico" looks like. Would the new restaurant be akin to North Charleston favorite La Nortena, with super authentic salsas and lengua on the table? Or would it be a bit more hipster-friendly, like April Bloomfield's Salvation Taco in New York?

The first clue came when Charleston photographer Peter Frank Edwards tweeted, "At the test kitchen. Tacos and advance copy of Sean's HERITAGE," with a link to some meaty tacos sprinkled with radish sticks. Edward shot the visuals for Brock's upcoming cookbook, so it's not a stretch that he'd be taste testing the Minero menu.

The second indication of taco mania came while snooping around the Minero website and locating a food gallery filled with traditional looking tortillas and guacamole. Since none of these photos are of the same quality (and only one is up to the standards of Edwards), it can probably be assumed that they are place holders for future food porn. Or perhaps the web developer was hungry that day and wanted to see some tacos? Either way, all signs point to a whole lot of taco eating this fall.

[Update: Trying to catch a glimpse at Minero's menu won't be as simple as adding a "/menu.html" to the url. The gallery has since disappeared, and Eater was told the photos were indeed just stock.]
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