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'Hummus With a Hummus Flavor' at New Priya Lounge?

The owners of hookah bar Torch took the opportunity to remodel the space after a brief fire in June. The new concept is named Priya. Yes, there will still be waterpipes, but now with a more Moroccan influence. The interiors will be revamped into a "Middle Eastern oasis [with] a laid back vibe and a unique Mediterranean setting."

On the old Torch menu, there were various hookah flavor selections, fruity martinis, and some fairly entertaining food descriptions. "Dragon Shrimp: shrimp with dragon flavor," "Mushroom Tart: mushroom with tart flavor," and "Hummus: hummus with a hummus flavor," were among our favorites. No word yet if these menu items will be carried on to the new place. However, it's a good probability that most of the patrons heading to Priya won't be there for the food, but rather for the lounge interiors and smoking apparatuses.
· Fire at Torch [-ECHS-]
· Priya Lounge [Official]
· Priya Lounge Menu [Facebook]


545 King St., Charleston, SC

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