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The Tattooed Moose Expanding to Johns Island

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Photo: Rémy Thurston

In an interview for The Five Days of Meat, newly-announced chef/partner in The Tattooed Moose, Jason Houser, spilled some mighty interesting beans when asked about the future of his existing business, Meathouse Butcher Shop, and his partnership with the restaurant:

"The future is bright with the two businesses. I will continue to remain as the operating partner for Meathouse Butcher Shop and Tattooed Moose. The plan is to open Tattooed Moose two on Johns Island and then on the same property open a full service brick and mortar location for Meathouse Butcher Shop."

Turns out the folks behind Voodoo Tiki Bar & Lounge and The Tattooed Moose, Jen and Mike Kulick, have joined forces with Houser in an unholy meat alliance. The Johns Island location for The Tattooed Moose is well on its way, with permits issued, etc. It will be located at 3328 Maybank Hwy.

According to Houser, the only material difference will be the size. They plan to transplant the "vibe" that the downtown location has developed over the years directly into the new location. The menu will be identical, the walls will be adorned with taxidermy, and things will generally be just as much fun as downtown patrons are used to. The interior space will be larger, as will the outside patio, which will also play home to an outside bar.

As for the aforementioned Meathouse Butcher Shop, that's definitely on the list, but not anytime soon. Plans are drawn up, but construction is at least a year out. Houser plans to get the Johns Island restaurant singing before switching focus again to a storefront for his meat treats.

Written and reported by Timmons Pettigrew
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