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Brock's Mexican-Inspired Eatery Will be Named Minero

Photo: Gil Shuler Graphic Design

Graphic design guru Gil Shuler let the cat out of the bag, this morning, and revealed chef Sean Brock's not-yet-named restaurant will be called Minero. Shuler's company has worked with many local establishments, including Husk, to create memorable branding and logos. City Paper noticed a tweet from Shuler and followed up with the public relations team to confirm.

What's a minero? According to the post, "the name is spanish [sic] for miners — mexican [sic] miners used to wrap their explosives in paper and called them tacos." The blog entry has since disappeared (too soon on the reveal?), but Eater has a screen shot here.


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155 E Bay St., Charleston, SC

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