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History, Art, and Plates in Review of The Drawing Room

Photo: The Vendue
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Most hotel restaurants in Charleston are fine dining beacons with an emphasis on old school style and service. Think of Charleston Grill, Peninsula Grill, or Circa 1886. When The Drawing Room in The Vendue opened, it sought to buck that tradition and open a more contemporary space. The restaurant has welcomed guests for three months, and today marks their first formal review in Charleston Scene.

Critic Deidre Schipani first explains the history of the area and admires the abundance of art in the eatery, before delving into the plates. Schipani explains how chef Jon Cropf takes his cues from the surrounding installations for the menu:

"He paints with a bold brush as heirloom beets, smoked goat cheese and duck prosciutto are anchored in 'licorice' soil. The influence of a watercolorist is apparent as pale pink shrimp bob in a nage of mozzarella and flowering herbs."

Ultimately, the newcomer earns three stars from the writer and survives its first public review.
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Drawing Room

12 South Michigan Avenue, , IL 60603 (844) 312-2221 Visit Website

The Drawing Room

19 Vendue Range, Charleston, SC