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Critic Jeff Allen Emphasizes the Importance of Edmund's

Photo: Rebecca Gallagher
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

The praise starts strong in critic Jeff Allen's Charleston Magazine piece on brewpub Edmund's Oast, as he states:

"It'd be more fitting to call it the most important restaurant to open in the last year, or maybe the most important culinary establishment to grace the Holy City in the space of a decade ..."

That's an impressive claim for the four-month-old restaurant. Allen goes on to explain why he believes Edmund's Oast is the best thing to hit Charleston in some time. First, he's super impressed with the helpful presence of co-owners Rich Carley and Scott Shor and their staff. He appreciates that they are always there to make suggestions and guide the dining experience.

Second, he really digs the "esoteric daily rotation" of beers. From the peanut butter and jelly brew, to Westbrook's Mexican Cake, he recommends allowing Carley and Shor to tell you what to drink if you can't decide.

And, finally, the food. Allen praises most everything coming out of chef Andy Henderson's kitchen. The reviewer states that Henderson's "robust grub emerges from the gleaming kitchen beyond the bar with a distinct style of its own." Allen is most fond of the cornbread pudding, calling it "so sweet and belly warming that I beg it be served straight up in a bowl."
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