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Zombie Bob and Bac'n Me Crazy to Hit the Streets

Photo: Zombie Bob's Pizza

It seems that separate Charleston entrepreneurs had the same idea and came up with different solutions—take the Internet's biggest obsessions and turn them into a food trucks. Like a pair of memes on wheels, Zombie Bob's Pizza and Bac'n Me Crazy promise to serve the Lowcountry soon with a touch of popular culture and quick eats.

First, there's Zombie Bob's Pizza. Why not capitalize on the trend of the undead that popped up everywhere from television to Jane Austen-like novels? Judging from their social media, this truck will serve the sort of slices people want after throwing back a few beers—large, cheesy triangles that can easily be snarfed down on the way home after a late night. The side of the vehicle also promises calzones, salads, and breadsticks. Zombie Bob will make its premiere at the Recovery Room Tavern this Sunday at 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. to midnight.

Ever since T Magazine called Charleston a "town afloat on bacon-washed bourbon," the Holy City's love of swine was solidified. And even though the rest of the world might have maxed out on the smoky meat treat when bacon-flavored lip gloss was introduced, food truck Bac'n Me Crazy is betting patrons in town will probably go for a few more pieces. Not much is known about the mobile kitchen, other than they will serve "gourmet bacon," and pork lovers can expect them to start serving on July 18.
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