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Cracking the Lid on The Mason Jar

Photo: The Mason Jar

Once you get north of Magwood Drive on Ashley River Road (aka "Way-Out West Ashley") your food options get severely limited. Just north of Café Fork and 3 Matadors Tequileria is The Mason Jar, a newcomer that just set up shop in the Garden Road Plaza shopping center.

Co-Owners Laura Black and Charles Lee (a stepdaughter/stepfather duo) got into the restaurant game as a direct result of the overwhelming response to his first venture, Fatboy's Lowcountry Cooking & Catering. Lee is a 20-year Lowcountry resident who grew up in his mother's catering kitchen, naturally learning the ropes along the way. He started Fatboy's a rough ten years ago, leaning heavily towards oyster roasts and pig pickin's. This later branched into a peanut stand near Crosby's Seafood on Folly Road.

"Preserving Lowcountry Tradition" is on the logo itself. To Black and Lee, this means barbecue, fried seafood, pimento cheese, and other such deliciousness. Signature items include the Fatboy Burger, Crabby Burger, homemade fried pork skins, and boiled, in season green peanuts (which they now serve in the restaurant, not just at the stand). Nothing high concept, just the goods. Menu porn is available on their website, though you may have to get creative with the image viewer.

The Mason Jar is located at 2487 Ashley River Rd. Visit their website or Facebook page for more info.

Written and reported by Timmons Pettigrew
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The Mason Jar

2487 Ashley River Rd., Charleston, SC