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Is Leyla Worthy of the High Price Tag?

Photo: Leyla
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

The favorite complaint of internet trolls and frugal tourists alike—price—is the focus of critic Robert Moss' review of King Street spot Leyla, this week, for City Paper. Though, unlike most commenters, Moss understands the dishes at the Lebanese eatery warrant the numbers, but ponders if the restaurant can "pull off the high-end format for which it is clearly aiming?"

He makes his point by lavishing praise on the samkeh harra, a whole sea bass dish, and then revealing the sticker shock of $38—a number usually reserved for super posh establishments. Should diners be willing to part with their money for good, authentic Lebanese cuisine, Moss concludes "if you want to dine like a king, Leyla might just be the place to do it."
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298 King St., Charleston, SC