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Moss Miffed About No Taco Mixing Policy at SOL

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[Photo of Sol: Facebook]

SOL Southwest Kitchen & Tequila Bar opened last October in Mount Pleasant with the promise of an extensive tequila collection and wood-fired Southwest flavors. This week, critic Robert Moss explores the offerings at the newish restaurant, but it doesn't turn out so well for SOL.

The cocktails are pleasing and the environment is comfortable, but then, Moss drops, "The deftness and balance found in the drinks and the setting, unfortunately, don't carry all the way through to the Southwest kitchen." He finds that the menu isn't really authentic and "tossing in a few Mexican-esque flavors doesn't necessarily make for interesting dishes." And if he wasn't unimpressed before, he feels down right dispirited when he's told he can't mix the taco offerings on the platters. In an attempt to sample all the flavors, Moss tries to substitute the tortilla fillings, when he's told that he isn't allowed and will have to eat two of the same. He retorts, "I can understand a no-substitutions policy on plates that are highly composed or would throw off the kitchen to adjust, but we're talking tacos here." Poor Moss, he just wants one shrimp and one carnitas on the plate.

Moral of the story at SOL: stick to the cocktails and the tacos will come with their intended partner, so don't try to switch it up.
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SOL Southwest Kitchen & Tequila Bar

1101 Stockade Ln., Mt. Pleasant, SC

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