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Egan & Sons Earn Another Glowing Review

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Other restaurants take note: City Paper critic Eric Doksa can be won over with well-executed meat plates and copious amounts of duck fat fries, as witnessed in this week's City Paper review on Cumberland Street pub Egan & Sons. In January, Charleston Scene gave the restaurant a positive critique and Doksa finds more of the same.

"At Egan & Sons the flavors of the South bump into those of Ireland — a fusion we don't often see," he states while defending the use of pimento cheese on a charcuterie board. The critic likes most everything coming out of chef Kyle Yarbrough's kitchen, especially the duck fat fries. He even goes as far to throw down the gauntlet that the Egan's burger is "easily one of the best deals in town."
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Egan & Sons

5 Cumberland St., Charleston, SC