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Critic Robert Moss Toasts the Oast and Likes It

Photo: Rebecca Gallagher

Coming off a big win from their sparklingly Hanna Raskin review, last week, super brewpub Edmund's Oast does it again with near-perfect critique from City Paper writer Robert Moss.

Moss loved the food ("the edgier-looking dishes turn out to be among the most delightful"), the cocktails (he suggested the Red Wedding), and the "interesting variations" of beer. But do Moss and Raskin differ on opinions about the hip newcomer on Morrison? Of course. Here's the subtle contrasts.

Last week, Raskin said, "One more important note on the room: It can get fearsomely loud. Off the top of my head, I can think of about three dozen people who would have a miserable time at Edmund's Oast." Moss countered, this week, with "But is it too loud? Not for me. This is a sort of high-energy, rock 'n' roll kind of place."

On the subject of salinity, Raskin stated, "Salt plays a prominent role here. Sometimes too prominent" and went on to deem the "chicken-and-rice porridge" as suffering from a salt problem. In his review, Moss declared the same dish as "pleasantly salty."

In the end, Moss' statement that the "cocktails, the beer, and the food share some common themes: inventive, unexpected, and complex flavors, plus the daringness to go in new and unconventional directions" rings true for both critics.
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Edmund's Oast

1081 Morrison Dr., Charleston, SC

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