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Raskin, Dickens, and Edmund's in a 4 Star Review

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Dickens loves this place! / Photo: Rebecca Gallagher/Wikipedia

Perhaps the only restaurant reviewer to ever use the word "Dickensian" in a food evaluation, critic Hanna Raskin sets her sights on brewpub Edmund's Oast this week. In her defense, a "detractor" uses the adjective, not her, when describing the menu—perhaps it was the chicken porridge?

But with Raskin, it's all "Please, sir, I want some more," when it comes to the cocktails, beer, and pickled shrimp on rye dish. She's a fan of the 18th century details throughout the brew hall, like the "miniature portraits of men in ruffled shirts," but makes it clear that the "porridges and beery salutes to Mother England" are far from mere gimmick.

With four stars for food, atmosphere, and service, Edmund's Oast is one of the critic's highest rated restaurants in Charleston. She even goes as far to say the place is the "most significant addition to the city's upscale dining scene since The Ordinary." Readers may recall oyster hall The Ordinary made waves in late 2012 when it racked up the accolades within months of opening.
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Edmund's Oast

1081 Morrison Dr., Charleston, SC

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