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Where's Your Standby Slice/Pie/Calzone Place?

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Photo: Rémy Thurston

Ah, the great debate of our time—who has the best pizza in the Lowcountry? Answers will vary, depending on crust preferences and thoughts on meat versus veggies, but Eater needs help sifting through all the various choices. Pizza Week 2014 begins on March 17, featuring maps, interviews, profiles, and more. To prepare, we need to hear from you. Where is your go to spot? Who serves the best calzone? What's the oddest topping? Where will you only eat at 2:00 a.m.?

Or are you still bummed about the shuttered Andolini's? Either way, let us know where you go when you get a craving for melty cheese and marinara. Leave a comment or hit up the tipline.
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