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Three Reviews for the Price of One

Photo: Rémy Thurston
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

About three months ago, restaurant group Holy City Hospitality converted a massive space off of Hutson Street into three restaurants: Vincent Chicco's, Michael's on the Alley, and Victor Social Club. Instead of critiquing each eatery individually, critic Hanna Raskin decides to take on the trio in this week's Charleston Scene review.

Her first stop is at the cocktail bar Victor Social Club. Raskin calls it a "stunner," but then it's downhill from there. The drink menu flubs Ernest Hemingway's signature "Death in the Afternoon" cocktail, by transforming it into a fruity martini rather than the absinthe-laden glass of bubbles it was meant to be. The critic also points out some spelling errors on the menu.

Then it's on to Italian-American eatery Vincent Chicco's. Everyone on this side of the alley seems confused—including former patrons, as a server explains to Raskin that the artichoke appetizer only contains hearts and stems, because "guests were eating the artichoke leaves whole." And the kitchen doesn't quite have it together, as she states the dishes are, "mostly clumsier than their chain [restaurant] counterparts." The bruschetta is tasty, though.

She finally finds solace at steakhouse Michael's on the Alley. The service is superb, and she calls her filet excellent (after bagging the prime rib). Perhaps a supreme waitstaff is enough to overcome the other obstacles?
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26 Hutson Street, Charleston SC 29403