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Restaurants, Communities, and Teach the Need

Students tour the Charleston Place with Martindale, Brienza, and Bakst
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

"I've seen restaurants go through all the trends," Mickey Bakst, maître d' at Charleston Grill, said, "but no matter what, the restaurant community always gives back." It was that level of generosity that led Bakst to form non-profit organization Teach the Need with friend Michael Miller.

With so many dining establishments popping up on the peninsula, the need for food and beverage workers grows. Teach the Need shows high school students that a career in service can be profitable and a means to achieve their goals—whether that be to pay for college or support a family. The program is in its fourth semester and seeing steady results. The students are taught skills, such as interviewing and filling out an application. This week, Bakst, fellow mentors, and the teenagers toured the Charleston Place Hotel and went behind the scenes at the Charleston Grill, as part of the program.

And it's not just Bakst running the show, he's recruited other notable front of the house faces, like Kimball Brienza of O-Ku, Joey Ryan from Xiao Bao Biscuit, Evan Powell for Republic Reign, John Martindale of The Ordinary, and Brooks Reitz of upcoming Leon's Oyster Shop. Those looking to get involved or are hiring first time F&B workers should email Bakst.
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