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Tips on Pizza Delivery from Nicholas D'Allesandro

Photo: Rémy Thurston

We tried to drum up pizza horror stories, but y'all didn't have the juicy tales of shocking behavior we were looking for. Though, one reader did email us about a forward delivery man that assumed he could just walk into her home and hand her bread sticks on her couch. Instead, Eater presents advice on pizza delivery from Nicholas D'Allesandro, owner of the eponymous pizza joint.

1. Be prepared. Know your address/phone number before calling and have your credit card in hand if you're going to use it.
2. Don't take a shower or walk your dog while waiting for a delivery.
3. Look at the menu before calling. If you haven't, then order a pizza you know. Don't ask what we have—we have pizza.

4. If it's a delivery, don't tell us it's a to go order.
5. If you're using a credit card, splitting once is enough, and more than two credit cards is no good.
6. Please don't offer a bong hit or beer as a tip. Just tip well so we can afford a bar tab when we get off work.
7. Answer the phone for the unknown number. Remember, you ordered a pizza—no one is stalking you.
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D'Allesandro's Pizza

229 St. Philip St., Charleston, SC

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