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The Cadillac of Calzones

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Sometimes, you feel like splurging on the finest imported cheeses and meats. When that time comes, head to Desano Pizza Bakery on Stuart Street. At first, the $15 price tag on this Gigiotto calzone might be a shock, but then you realize it's made from authentic buffalo mozzarella, imported Italian flour, fresh basil, a generous helping of sausage, crisp rapini, and is cooked in ovens made from volcanic rock hailing from Mount Vesuvius. Ancient volcano material doesn't come cheap.

In addition to the top-notch ingredients, they warm the dipping marinara and have a free condiments bar. Also, for $15, you could easily split this with a friend.
· Desano Pizza Bakery Menu [Official]

Desano Pizza Bakery

94 Stuart St., Charleston, SC

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