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Outdoor Pizza Now an Option at Indaco

This guy makes the patio look good.

As men's clothing store Super Bad, on King and Woolfe Streets, went down last Thursday, Indaco hastily prepared for its patio to open up a week later. The newly-minted outdoor space will serve the full menu of piatti, pizza, and pasta, when not booked for large events.

Outdoor diners may be forced to gaze upon building refuse and construction cones for awhile, but rest assured they'll now be able to tipple and taste safe and sound. The patio itself is similarly spartan, with little more than a petite bar of timber, basic lighting, and seating. Indaco plans to design its patio in the same vein as The Macintosh's organically-designed outdoor motif.

There's plenty of time for ornamentation; with al fresco dining at a premium downtown, Indaco's patio couldn't have opened any sooner.
Written and reported by Erin Holaday Ziegler
· Super Bad building on Charleston's Upper King St. is razed [P&C]
· Iconic Upper King Street clothing store Super Bad awaits demolition [P&C]


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