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Home of the Pork Trifecta, EVO, by the Numbers

Photo: Rémy Thurston
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Park Circle's EVO Pizzeria has the distinction of being the only pizza place on the Eater 18—it's so good, it's essential. Super fresh, local ingredients, consistently solid wood-fired crusts, and a killer draft list keep this place on top. What started as a mobile pizza cart at the Charleston Farmer's Market turned into a flourishing business and the cause of so many Pork Trifecta or Pistacho Pesto cravings around the Lowcountry. Take a look at the numbers coming out of this beloved eatery.

1. Chef/Owners Ricky Hacker and Matt McIntosh established EVO in March 2007 in their current location, but the idea started with a mobile food cart in 2005.

2. When EVO opened, there were only four other restaurants in the area: Madra Rua, Sesame, Idle Hour, Johnny's. Now, there are several others: Madra Rua, DIG In The Park, Cannon Trattoria, Sesame, Maya del Sol, Idle Hour, Fratello's Italian Tavern, Park Pizza Co., and The Barbeque Joint.

3. Number of seats in the house: 50 in the restaurant, 15 at the bar window, and 12 outside (only in spring and fall). Total: 87 (with nice weather), 65 (majority of year).

4. On average, the eatery serves 225 patrons on a busy night.

5. The kitchen can pump out up to 160 pizzas on a hopping evening.

6. EVO serves approximately 1400 pies in a week's time.

7. The restaurant will go through 450 pounds of flour to make all their dough for seven days.

8. EVO's most popular menu item, the Pork Trifecta requires three different porcine products. To keep up with demand for the pie, the kitchen will use 120 pounds of South Carolina bacon, 32 pounds of Casalingo salami, and 70 pounds of house-made sausage—that's 222 pounds of pig products utilized in a week.

9. In order of adoration, guests purchase 930 Pork Trifecta pizzas, 543 Pistacho Pesto pies, and 502 Margheritas in on month.

10. The 900 degree oven can bake a pizza in three to four minutes. Three to four is also the number of cooks that can fit in the 400 square foot kitchen.
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EVO Pizzeria

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