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Carolina's Building For Sale; Restaurant to Close

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

A real estate sign rests in the window of upscale Lowcountry restaurant Carolina's. It is confirmed the pink building is for sale/lease, and that the eatery will not move forward. A reliable source tells Eater they will close their doors next week. Carolina's holds the address of one of the first nationally-acclaimed restaurants in Charleston, Perdita's. In many ways, the current dining room pays homage to its predecessor with nods to the historic menu.

As restaurants moved from the East Bay Street area to Upper King, it is easy to see how a place tucked away on Exchange Street might be overlooked. The staff was hopeful that a backer would invest money into the building to keep the same kitchen there, but the deal fell through. Those with a soft spot for Carolina's version of shrimp and grits or crab Louie should make a reservation very soon to bid adieu to the long-standing establishment.
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10 Exchange St., Charleston, SC